Not only is it incredibly hot outside…but there are still a few months left until hockey is officially back on in Kansas City.  I do the same as any other fan would, pining away for the season to start. But just how can someone get enough Maverick action to get them through until October?

Here’s my list of ways to keep Hockey actively in my life, even when the players are off the ice for an extended period of time. I’ll give you a few today, but stop back by for outlets for Maverick Hockey, that you might have never known existed.

I check the Mavericks Homepage. This has to be number one. I have set is as an automatic bookmark that loads every morning. I call it part of my “Morning Coffee”.  I’m grateful we have a team that knows when Hockey season is over, all Hockey fans think about, is Hockey. We still need things to consume, to satisfy our hunger for Hockey news and events.  Just today we were given a inside look into one of our own Mavericks offseason adventures.

Seasons change. Players come, players go. Moves and trades are made during the off-season. The Mavericks have new faces. Since they aren’t out giving it everything on the ice, the best way to get introduces to these new people is to check out the informative roster page.  Bios, stats, even a video for every player. When the new guys skate onto the ice in October, we’ll feel like he has always been there!

How do you keep up with the Mavs in the offseason? Leave a comment!

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